Success Stories

We are building a Career Enablement Platform


We started Revenue Collective with the express purpose of furthering the careers of leading revenue operators.  Our goal is to help non-founding operators accelerate their professional development.

In practice, this means providing a community to share best practices, a set of confidential mentors and guides to help navigate difficult career decisions, and a set of proprietary confidential resources and best practices you can use to be effective in your next position.  

Fundamentally, we see a world where senior revenue leaders can have greater impact on their organizations and help those organizations grow and scale intelligently.

More practically, we want to directly impact our Members careers through:

  • Improve sales and marketing execution using leading best practices surfaced from the community

  • Negotiate better and more stable employment packages to help our Members succeed and to reduce executive churn within the revenue community

  • Improve the overall negotiating position of non-founding operators vis-a-vis founders and investors

  • Provide a backstop and backstop for executive transition where we supply consulting lead generation, networking, and professional growth

Our goals within Revenue Collective are simple and straightforward.  We are trying to make a difference in the lives of sales and marketing leaders.  A difference they can measure clearly and objectively.


“After my first Revenue Collective dinner I realized that I had built my career the hard way - 100% on my own.  Standing in a room of my peers I realized how much easier and enjoyable it would have been if I had access to the Revenue Collective years ago. The Revenue Collective has been an incredible resource and aid to my career.”

— Tracey Solanas, VP Sales @ Booker, Shopkeep, Octoly